Pool Construction

[row_fluid][span6]The pleasures in life are plentiful.

Owning a villa on one of the sunny coasts is one that could be listed, but owning a villa without the luxury of being able to relax around an outdoor pool is such a waste!

Our professional team will architecturally design a pool that will not only be for fun, pleasure and relaxation, but also we can design the pool so that fitness and outdoor swimming will be taken into account. At Masterbuild we listen to our customers requirements and design the pool that will meet with all their expectations.[/span6][span6]pools-product-page[/span6] [/row_fluid]

Before the pool design is finalised, we have to talk about all the small details that go into building and finishing off a swimming pool.

Such as:

  • tiling
  • water depths
  • one level pool, or a sloping pool
  • steps
  • shape: is the pool going to be a regular rectangle, or should we discuss other shape possibilities
  • pool size
  • terrace size

then we have to discuss:

  • how will the pool edge be finished
  • will there be pool terrace tiling or decking
  • pool filtration system
  • external shower area
  • is there room for a jacuzzi or hot tub around the pool
  • pool heating
  • pool covers and rollers
  • covered terracing
  • a bar or catering facility options

We will plan and construct your pool to ensure that you, your family, and guests all find every thing that can be wished for in your new pool construction.