Pool Covers

Save €€€€€ with a pool cover!




Having a pool cover on your pool makes a lot of sense. Not only does it mean a cleaner pool but it also reduces evaporation of water by as much as 80% through the summer.

Obviously this saves you money on cleaning, chemicals and heating costs.

Pool covers also help retain heat generated by the sun or a pool heater. If you have a heated pool, you’ll find that installing a pool cover will reduce the workload on your heat pump, which means lower energy bills and extended heat pump life.

Every pool cover fitted by Masterbuild is tailored to fit each pool individually.

This diagram shows the benefits of using a Pool Cover:

Without Pool Cover - Envirocare

With Pool Cover - Envirocare


Pool Cover Roller - EnvirocareWe also recommend that you use a telescopic pool cover roller to make the removal and replacement of your pool cover as easy as possible.

The EnviroCare rollers are lightweight and easy to move around if necessary.