Save Money on Pool Heating


… in 3 easy steps!

A lot of energy is needed to heat the water in your swimming pool, and many methods of pool heating can be very costly.

You can lower the running costs by making some easy changes.

a) look at how you maintain your pool
b) think of using a more environmentally friendly and efficient heat source
c) are there other inexpensive add on products that could help reduce electrical consumption.

[row_fluid][span8]1. A “pool solar cover” or “pool solar blanket” can help conserve energy. This is a floating cover for the swimming pool which insulates the surface of the water. I am sure you know that the majority of heat which is lost from swimming pool water escapes through the surface of the pool, and a solar blanket drastically helps to reduce this heat loss. Also, it allows part of the energy of the sun to pass into the water through the cover where it turns into heat. This results in the swimming pool heater being required to run much less frequently and less time, making for significant savings in running costs.[/span8][span4]poolheating-savemoney-1[/span4][/row_fluid][hr] [row_fluid][span8]2. The pool heater should only be run according to how often the pool is used. An electrical powered heat pump can dramatically change the temperature of the pool water, in a very short period of time. If you are going away for any length of time, or you know that you will not be using the pool for a substantial amount of days, switch the pool heat pump off! And – do you need the water of your pool to be so hot! Feels nice – but you can use your pool more effectively if the water is not too hot![/span8][span4]poolheating-savemoney-2[/span4][/row_fluid][hr] [row_fluid][span8]3. The amount of energy needed to keep your pool warm is directly proportional to how much heat your pool is losing, which is directly proportional to how warm it is throughout the week. You must use a pool heat pump in conjunction with a quality pool cover. On an evening, and when you are not using the pool, you much make sure that the pool cover is on the pool. This will not only help with pool heat loss, but also evaporation of the water.[/span8][span4]


If you need help with these 3 methods of reducing the running costs of heating your pool, just speak to Masterbuild.