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Another Quality Bathroom Makeover!

At Masterbuild we pride ourselves in our luxury bathroom renovations. We use the latest styles of fixtures and fittings with the colour schemes agreed by our clients. Bathrooms are entirely personal rooms, and to invest in a new bathroom can only mean that our clients are looking to replace their existing bathroom design with a…
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A Quick History Lesson

Way back in the 1990’s Helen Johnson and Phil Barr set up a company installing quality air conditioning systems. The company - Envirocare. At the beginning the need was for single and multi split air conditioning systems. Phil, being a time served engineer, plumber and electrician had just added air conditioning installation engineer to his…
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Save Money on Pool Heating

INSTANTLY CUT THE COST OF HEATING YOUR SWIMMING POOL ... in 3 easy steps! A lot of energy is needed to heat the water in your swimming pool, and many methods of pool heating can be very costly. You can lower the running costs by making some easy changes. a) look at how you maintain…
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One of the best kept secrets of the world's best dressed women is to have a great wardrobe, and here at Masterbuild we can supply you with exactly that. The wardrobe as we know it today originated when wealthy people used to keep their clothes and shoes in a wooden chest, and this soon developed…
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Style – on tap!

It's the taps that catch the eye; and it's also true that it's the taps that give efficiency and effectiveness to a bathroom. For those of you interested - let me get technical for you: taps have been developed to use a ceramic disc valve or a rubber washer valve. With the Ceramic disc valve,…
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Top Ten Energy Saving Tips

The best strategy to reduce your electricity bills is to work on reducing your overall consumption. We can help you with this. Here is a great list of energy saving tips that help you to reducing your consumption: [row][span8] 1. CHANGE A BULB One of the most effective and well known ways of reducing your…
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Look After Your Swimming Pool Heat Pump

If you are reading this article and you have a swimming pool heater, you need to know how too look after it! If you take care of your pool heat pump then it will last for many years and will continue to work effectively and efficiently. To extend the life of your pool pump you…
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Why should I service my split air conditioning system?

1 FILTERS Lift the lid off the internal Air Conditioning unit.  Inside are the filters. Carefully remove these filters.  It is the filters which keep the internal parts of the Air Conditioning system clean.  Filters get dusty and clogged up. Once you have taken the filters off the machine, give them a clean with a…
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