Why should I service my split air conditioning system?


Lift the lid off the internal Air Conditioning unit.  Inside are the filters.

Carefully remove these filters.  It is the filters which keep the internal parts of the Air Conditioning system clean.  Filters get dusty and clogged up.

Once you have taken the filters off the machine, give them a clean with a small soft brush.

If you feel that the filters are responsible for contributing to odours then gently wash them in clear clean water.

Make sure they are totally dry before replacing them.

If you find that the filters are broken in any way, call EnviroCare SL to replace the filters for you.


Even if you do not use the air conditioning units regular, they must be switched on and started on a regular basis.  Changing the settings from cooling, to heating, to dehumidifying, is essential to enable the unit to run on the desired temperature when required

If the unit does not seem to be operating at the correct temperature levels, then you must call out an EnviroCare SL engineer to thoroughly check the Air Conditioning unit.


The external units are exposed to all weathers, dirt and dust.  You must check you are not obstructing the external unit in any way.

There must be plenty of air circulation.  If your external Air Conditioning unit is in a garden area, then there must be no vegetation growing around it.  And you must be very careful not to catch the external unit when gardening.

These are regular checks that you must carry out to enhance the life of your machines.

To complement your checks, you must have the units professionally checked on a 12 monthly basis.  EnviroCare SL engineers will check the technical running of the machine and establish that the correct levels of gas are in place to allow the unit to work effectively.  They will inspect the electrical soundness of the Air Conditioning Unit and also the standard of the filters, having been maintained regularly.  The water system will also be checked, to ensure it is exiting the machine effectively.

This service check is a necessity if you want to prolong the life of the air conditioning machine.  Also to ensure that the units are operated to their most cost effective level of consumption.